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Listen Parliament Radio 92.6 FM Station En Direct En Ligne Live Online Streaming from Lusaka city Zambia (Zambian), Parliament Radio is giving the considerable type of Arabic Music which is extraordinarily listening to and appreciated by the group of listeners of the locale. Parliament Radio was totally focused with different channels that were for the most part proficient centered. Music and expert applications were demonstrated by means of this position. To permit advantages over different channels, the system was additionally not the same as that of general backing.

It is the best station in the city because it provides news-talk, Arabic music, and entertainment. It has more than 2 lakhs listen in a month which is more than any station in the city.

The station always tries to work with the community organization and the best part of this channel is, It works with the community organizations and tries to solve the problems which are facing the poor members of society.

It always tries to promote local customs and traditions because according to this channel, foreign culture destroys the local things. It provides the music in their own language and telecast on one music program in the English language.

The power and well-experienced DJ and Rj team work 24/7 to produce the best programs in the town. If you want to listen to this radio then this is the right place and if you are out of the area then you can download the APP of this station which is available on the Google Store.

There are a lot of options where you can enjoy this radio like the official website or You can also catch this channel through the android or ISO APP. We always try to provide the best stream in the town to satisfy our listeners.

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