Radio Nacional De Angola FM

écouter Radio Nacional De Angola 99.9 FM En Direct En Ligne (Live Online) Streaming from Luanda, Angola, RNA R Nacional is telecasting in the dialect of interests of listeners. In different spots of organized exercises as talk about uncovers, and so on with invited occasions of govt, associations, state organizations, entrepreneurs, brokers, and the gathering.

The DJs and RJ are extremely capable identities of the area and they arrive to finish the requests of the audience members. RNA R Nacional is withdrawing from the soul on objective setting from the utilization of a dedicated audience.

It gives more focus on national news updates and local community problems. The best part of this channel is, It works with the community organizations and tries to solve the problems which are facing the poor members of society.

The weather of the country has changed at an alarming rate, due to pollution of factories, accessive tree cutting, potted water. It telecast weather forecast and storms to aware the peoples.

It also publishes a magazine with is related to clean food, health issues, sports, and entertainment. It telecast market updates, like stock exchange, gold, and currency rates.

The power and well-experienced DJ and Rj team work 24/7 to produce the best programs in the town. If you want to listen to this radio then this is the right place and if you are out of the area then you can download the APP of this station which is available on the Google Store.

Genres Portuguese Music , World Music
Phone +222 32 11 82
Website Official Web
Address Avenida Comandante Gika, Luanda
Face Book FaceBook
twitter Twitter

écouter to En Direct Streaming of Radio Nacional De Angola FM 99.5 En Ligne from Angola